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Chez Emily - Business of the fortnight

Chez Emily
Established in 1996, through a love of all things chocolate, Chez Emily combines the very best raw materials, the freshest local ingredients and uses only the highest quality Belgian Chocolate. The couverture chocolate we use is from Belgium and is a high quality Belgium chocolate that contains only cocoa butter. No substitutes or additives are used in the chocolate in place of the cocoa butter and this gives the chocolate a creamy mellow flavour, a shinny appearance and a snappier snap! Our Chocolate Boutique is located in Ashbourne Town Centre. It is a lovely place to sit back and relax after browsing all the shelves of chocolate creations. Ariosa Coffee is hand roasted in nearby Ashbourne and is served alongside a range of teas and soft drinks, and you always get a complimentary chocolate with your hot drink! Plenty of desserts and pastries to also choose from.

Greencloud Computers Ltd - Business of the fortnight

Green Cloud Computers are an IT managed services and solutions company with a difference. Most companies these days are too busy to look after their IT infrastructures running costs. We will help take the hassle away from your IT issues so you can focus on what matters to you. Unlike other IT companies, we get to know each client and their business personally. We will help you save money on your IT, so you have more in your pocket and in doing so help the environment too. Our motto is Gr€€ner for you and Your Environment, so our main objectives are to provide our clients with green, energy efficient IT solutions, which will save our clients' money and help the environment simultaneously by significantly reducing the amount of power consumed by their IT equipment. we will help you save money on your IT, so you have more in your pocket. We achieve this by offering energy efficient IT equipment across the board, from file servers to PC's, network equipment to cloud services. We recently saved one of our customers, a 15- person company, €4,000 per year in power by implementing a green IT solution which comprised of overhauling their entire infrastructure. They had a large power hungry server, which hosted their files, email and several other vital business functions. They also had and IP phone system with numerous handsets. In order to reduce their annual power bill, we replaced their power hungry file server with a powerful but still very low power consuming NAS (Network Attached Storage) server. We moved their email services, business databases and CRM to cloud-based providers. Lastly, their phone system once again was moved to a cloud-based provider. By utilising the many cloud services available currently and a more power efficient server, the employee desktop PC's do not have to be as powerful to run all their daily applications, therefore they are low power consuming. It also means that there is no longer a need for their phone handsets. Their PC's are now their telephone handset, which is made possible by using a piece of cloud-based software. Just imagine how much money Green Cloud Computers could save you and your company!

Thesaurus Software - Business of the fortnight

Thesaurus Software
Thesaurus Software is the leading payroll software provider in Ireland with over 100,000 users in Ireland and the UK. Our suite of software products include Payroll Ireland and UK, Contracts of Employment and Accounts Software

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