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TrinitySeven Studio Ltd.
Question 1. Can you describe your business?
TrinitySeven Studio Ltd is a one-stop-shop for SME's (and some bigger players) for web design, graphic design, printing and marketing services. We've literally got something for everyone... from designing logos and business cards and stationery to corporate brochures, signage, and anything else that a customer needs. We also print manage everything we do by getting competitive quotes from various printers to offer the best value for money to our customers. Our websites are developed inhouse to the specification of each individual customer and we can look after the hosting and domain registration for you too.
Question 2. What are the advantages of being located in Ashbourne?
Ashbourne is a great location and was a major consideration when we moved the business here in 2011 (the company was formed in 2008). With its proximity to Dublin City and easy access to all routes around the country it's ideally placed. We do a lot of work for customers not just in the greater Dublin and Meath areas - a lot of our work takes us regularly as far as Mullingar and even Donegal. Since moving the business to Ashbourne in 2011 we've also generated a large client base from within the town itself. This is something we're very grateful for and we really appreciate the way businesses support each other locally. We're very involved with Ashbourne Chamber of Commerce and support local initiatives whenever we can. This has helped us gain a lot of good will from the locality as people know and trust us in providing quality services and products.
Question 3. Why do your customers choose to do business with you?
Our line of work relies a lot on word of mouth and recommendations from existing and previous customers. There are lots of web and graphic design agencies out there so trying to stand out from the crowd is extremely difficult. We've found that the best way to market ourselves is through happy customers who generally are more than happy to recommend us to their family and friends. On the rare occasion that we won't have the solution that a customer is looking for, we will happily point them in the right direction - even if that's to a competitor. We never sell what we can't deliver, and we never hard sell. Once clients see that we're very upfront about what we do and what we offer they're generally happy to go with us. I think honesty is the best policy and ethics in business is very important to me - it's how I do business and it's the reputation I want associated with my business.
Question 4. How do you add value to your customers wants and needs?
I think it's important to listen to customers. A lot of the time clients think they know what they want - but sometimes they don't know what they need. There are so many aspects to having an online presence... not just the website, but also the SEO, a good Content Management System, integration with Social Media etc. For example, my favourite question is when clients who are looking to start a business come in and ask 'how much does a website cost?' and I usually reply 'how much does a house cost?' That's when its time to sit down and listen. I ask them to tell me about themselves and their new business idea. It's really important to gain an understanding about all aspects of their new venture - from what they envisage and what motivates them, to identifying their strengths and weaknesses so that I become a business coach to a degree. I'll also play the role of devils advocate if necessary to work out all the 'what ifs' that might cause problems down the line so that I can identify where fall back solutions might be necessary. Then I'll go through all their options with them and help them to choose a solution that's right for them and their business. Most of the time it includes various things that they would never have dreamed of so they leave looking slightly confused - but excited at the same time as they know now what to focus on. Once they've had time to digest the information and their options they do a bit more research and come back to me empowered with the knowledge that they need to progress their business. After that we generally have ongoing relationships with a lot of our customers - some we've had for well over a decade that I still work closely with. I'm always happy to introduce customers where I think there's a a possible 'good fit' and a potential for them to benefit from working together. And now and again I'll collaborate with local business when the need arises.
Question 5. Do you have any future plans or promotions coming up?
We're currently running a 10% OFF all business stationery and business cards for the month of June. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and our website for more offers as they come online. There are big things on the horizon for the business... we've been putting a lot of work over the past year or so developing our own inhouse Content Management System that we'll be making available for download once it's ready to package. This will allow customers to build their own websites using our product - it's much easier to use than any of the big names out there such as Wordpress and we hope to see it gain a lot of popularity. We should be ready for beta-testing towards the end of the year. I'm also involved with a new startup that will be donating 80% of its profits to Irish Charities - we hope to be launching that company soon so watch this space!
Question 6. Any advice for new businesses starting up?
Do your research, be prepared for set backs, never take 'no' for an answer, if you hit a road block find another route! And realise that not everyone will jump onboard with your idea. Don't be disheartened by that, just take a breath and understand that everyone else has their own stuff going on and as long as you've the confidence in yourself to see it through that's all that matters.
Any additional information you wish to add.
If you have a business that needs advice about how to gain an online presence of if you're an established business but need to revamp your brand then drop in for a chat then we'll be happy to see you. Just call on 01 8353913 or email info@t7.ie and we'll get you up and running in no time.

TrinitySeven Studio Ltd.

TrinitySeven Studio Ltd.
BUSINESS PRINT & WEB DESIGN. Est.2008 Modern, functional and easy to use Web Sites. These are the three most important criteria that go into the web sites designed and developed at TrinitySeven Studio. But we go even further... from logo design and corporate branding to print design for everything from business cards and stationery to brochures and banners. We're a one-stop-shop for SME's looking to define their image and position themselves within their market - both through traditional marketing and the digital space, but without breaking the budget. Talk with us today to see what we can do for you.
Business categories: Advertising / Marketing, Internet Services, Online Marketing, Web Design, Print / Design
Contact name: Will Quigley
Email: info@t7.ie
Phone: 01 8353913
Address: Unit 2 The Crescent, Killegland St., High Street Ashbourne, Co.Meath

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