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Tallans Solicitors
Question 1. Can you describe your business?
From offices in Ashbourne, Co Meath and Drogheda, Co Louth, Tallans Solicitors are one of the largest and longest established law firms in the North East. We are specialists in personal injury, family law, wills and probate as well as buying and selling property. We give personal attention and we provide common sense legal advise that you can trust. We have a team of over 20 staff who are all experienced in their area of expertise
Question 2. What are the advantages of being located in Ashbourne?
Ashbourne is a great location for business and community alike. It has grown up as a village and kept that community feeling. Tallans has grown as the village has grown, we have acted in buying and selling for our clients in all the estates around Ashbourne, so we are very familiar with legal issues that may arise. This is hugely beneficial for our clients as buying and selling property can be complex. You need a good Solicitor who has experience in this area. Similarly, we have gotten to know our clients and their families as they've grown up. We want to keep that personal feeling going and have a welcome open door for all the new people and businesses who made Ashbourne their home.
Question 3. Why do your customers choose to do business with you?
Firstly, we are experts in our areas of speciality, but secondly and as importantly, we are friendly and approachable. We are people, just like our clients and that's what I've strived to portray over the years - coming to Tallans isn't a frightening experience. Those days of being fearful going to a Solicitor are gone. We are here to be supportive throughout and we provide honest advice, spoken in layman's terms. Nobody wants to hear legal jargon, we have to use it among the profession, but when we give advice, we tell it straight to our clients. They appreciate it.
Question 4. How do you add value to your customers wants and needs?
The law is very complex. Lets face it, people don't just call their solicitor for a chat. We get phone calls at times in our clients' lives when they are experiencing tough times, like and accident or a death. We also get the good calls when we hear of new house purchases or new additions to the family and they need legal advice. We've been around a long time to know that we can help - and we do. We take calls out of hours, we do house-visits, we go the extra mile. For example, if an older person wants to make a Will, we can go to their home and sit with them to discuss their wishes and to take instructions to ensure that it is their wishes that are being reflected in their Will. Family law is the same - you can't rush people in and out of the door, that's not our policy.
Question 5. Do you have any future plans or promotions coming up?
We work on all aspects of the law but we particularly focus on personal injury, family law, buying and selling and Wills and probate. We have a fantastic little booklet, 'Demystifying the Legal Process of Buying a House' and we are updating our advice leaflets. Expect them later in the year. If anyone needs legal support, Talk to Tallans - we're here to help.
Question 6. Any advice for new businesses starting up?
Look for advice from people who have been there before you. I was very lucky as my father owned the practice before me so I had his help. I also knew I had the support of others in the Round Hall in the Four Courts. When I needed help, people to bounce ideas off, I asked for help. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is an island, don't feel like you have to do everything yourself.
Question 7. Any recommendations for improvements to Ashbourne Chamber of Commerce?
Ashbourne Chamber is a credit to all the people involved. I would like to recommend that all members get involved in the Chamber. The more business owners and employees who get involved, the better for everyone. Everyone knows what's going on, how they can help one another, and each other - a rising tide raises all ships. It's an incredibly vibrant chamber full of energy and we need to keep that energy going.
Any additional information you wish to add.
Get a copy of our free guide to 'Demystifying the Legal Process of Buying a House', it's available online and in reception. We are also featured on LMFM 'Talk to Tallans' Legal slot on the first Monday of every month. Tune in a 1.30 pm on the Late Lunch Show with Gerry Kelly. We also have it on our soundcloud page - https://soundcloud.com/tallanssolicitors We're on twitter (@tallansolicitor) and facebook (facebook.com/tallans) as well, so like and follow us. Our webstie is www.tallans.ie and we will be launching a new look website shortly.

Tallans Solicitors

Tallans Solicitors
Business categories: Legal Services
Contact name: Sheila Cooney
Address: New Town Centre, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

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